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History of KEC

1960s : Providing the centerpiece of Korea's economic development

  • 1968. Started construction of Gyeongbu Expressway
  • 1969. Feb. KEC founded (capital stock of 50billion won)

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1970s : Accelerating balanced regional development

  • 1970.

    Opened whole section of 428km Gyeongbu Expressway

  • 1973.

    Opened the era of 1,000km Expressway network
    Established a Survey Institute (Currently Transport Research Institute)

  • 1978.

    Daily number of vehicles using expressways surpassed 100,000

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1980s : Providing a great boost to national reconciliation

  • 1980. Launched integrated tolling system
  • 1983. Opened a traffic information broadcasting studio
  • 1987. Total length of expressway exceed 1,500km
  • 1988. Daily toll revenue surpassed 1 billion won

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1990s : Crossing the nation in one day

  • 1990.

    Total assets exceeded 1 trillion Korea won

  • 1994.

    Mechanized toll collection system (TCS) at all toll gates
    Total assets surpassed 5 trillion won
    Introduced the first bus-only lane

  • 1997.

    Built nationwide independent communications network

  • 1999.

    Started Hi-Pass pilot project
    Opened the era of 2,000km Expressway network

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2000s : Leading to a greater than-imagined world

  • 2001.

    Opened 423.2km expressways in 2001 year

  • 2003.

    Arranged foreign capital at low interest rates (US$ 500mil, 10year maturity)

  • 2007.

    Expanded Hi-Pass service to nationwide
    Total length of expressways exceed 3,000km

  • 2010.

    Rate of Hi-Pass use surpassed 50% and number of Hi-Pass users surpassed 5million

  • 2012.

    Opened the era of 4,000km Expressway network

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